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Online learning, or e-learning, can take shape in many forms. Most people associate this with a membership style website, but e-learning can also include other digital education products such as instructional videos, books and guides, audio lessons, and even downloadable project files.

Revizzit is a digital publishing platform that gives you the tools to create and sell ANY kind of digital e-learning product: ebooks, videos, e-courses, audio books, software files, or even monetize a website or web page. But most importantly - your product is delivered in a secure, cloud-based app on your customer's computer or mobile device. 

And because your e-learning product is “live-connected” to your customer, you can make a change at any time - add pages, update text, add media, delete outdated content - and instantly change every copy in existence!

Here's What Some Business Leaders Have To Say About Revizzit:

Scott Halford, CSP/CPAE, Complete Intelligence, LLC

This is not only the best and easiest solution to getting your products out there to the masses; the Revizzit team bends over backwards to make you successful.

Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, CPAE, President, The Productivity Pro, Inc. | 2011-2012 President, National Speakers Association

Revizzit changed everything I thought digital products could be! I’ve created video collections, audiobooks, membership networks, and exclusive packages for my clients, and I can push new content at any time to keep them engaged. Now my products are only limited by my imagination!

Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP, Team Pegine Inc.

I’m very protective of my brand and business, and I’m not the type to chase after shiny new technology. Revizzit really impressed me, and I’m excited to publish my entire library of products on this platform!

Dr. Tony Alessandra, CSP, CPAE, Bestselling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker

Revizzit gives me the resources, tools and necessary IP protection to monetize my information offstage, in the form of updateable video courses, audio products and interactive books. A real winner in my book!

Sam Silverstein, CSP, Founder - The Accountability Academy® | 2008-2009 President, The National Speakers Association

The team at Revizzit is great. They are always looking for ways to assist us in our goals as an organization. I appreciate those type of accountable relationships.

Laurie Guest, CSP, Motivational Speaker and Customer Service Expert at Solutions Are Brewing

What I love most is how easy the system is to use and how involved the team is in figuring out what I need! I’m telling every speaker I know, you HAVE to check out Revizzit!

Here’s more than a dozen ways we’re changing the game for premium content:

  • Complete anti-piracy protection means your business stays in business

    You decide what gets shared, downloaded or printed. Even your videos are protected with our invisible fingerprint technology!

  • Schedule lessons, videos or other course material to be released automatically over time

    Drip your materials out daily, weekly or monthly – all on autopilot!

  • Collect email addresses from every single customer

    No need to ask customers to opt-in first – build your list with every free or paid product you distribute!

  • Turn any product into a membership and get paid every month

    Add a monthly recurring payment price, then just add value every month!

  • Package separate products into premium bundles

    Have more than one thing to sell? Make bundles that save your customer money, and earn you bigger profits!

  • Create exclusive, private distribution products available only to authorized buyers.

    Some products aren’t for everyone. Create whitelisted products for your private clients, management teams or group members.

  • Transform any existing property into an eCourse by unlocking modules based on test scores

    Your book, videos, or even audio files can easily become an online course by using our automated quiz maker to unlock each chapter based on student’s retention of information!

  • Sell bonus chapters, videos or other content from within your product

    Want to offer an upsell? Got something new to promote? Just insert a sales link or even an ad – right inside your product!

  • Create unlimited free or freemium products

    Use as lead magnets or  create sneak peek products that transform to full versions!

  • Insert exclusive offers for loyalty marketing

    Let your customers know they’re special. Give them first access, discounts and members-only deals easily in our secure apps.

  • Include a private community for students or customers in your product

    Add a completely private forum, users group, chatroom or other networking component that can ONLY be accessed by customers or students. Works great with Facebook private groups, too!

  • Generate one-time use coupon codes

    Create unlimited codes for promotions, giveaways and to link your physical products to their digital companions

  • Build an online sales team with our included affiliate network

    Harness the power of social media! Let your customers earn commissions by helping you make sales through their networks!

And did we mention that it’s easy to create content on Revizzit?

No HTML coding or IT team necessary - create content in your favorite applications - Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, etc., and simply upload to our web-based creation studio.

Every account (yes, even our free trial!) comes with our own extensive online training. Our Studio 101 course will get you on the fast track to making products, and our Producer’s Guide goes into detail on advanced techniques with dozens of tutorial videos and articles.

Not a “hands-on” kinda person? No problem! We’ve got you covered, too!
Revizzit Production Services provides complete product creation assistance, from design, layout and editing to web-based backend technology, such as video players, audio jukeboxes, and more. Heck, we can even help you get the words out of your head and onto the screen with our staff of award-winning ghost writers and consultants!

It's completely free to get started on Revizzit and begin building your eLearning products! Once you are ready to launch, sign up for one of our low priced plans and keep 90% of every sale!

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