We are greatly saddened to announce the closure of the Revizzit platform, effective November 1, 2018.

For over seven years, we worked hard to provide the world with a safe place to monetize, package and deliver digital content. Along the way, we had our share of successes, from our partnerships with the National Speakers Association and Podcast Movement, to our being twice voted into the EC100 Top 100 Companies in the Digital Content Industry.

But we had our share of shortcomings as well. Our decision to allow the creators to host and deliver their own content, particularly video content, led to less-than-optimal results. And although we had tried to establish partnerships with video hosting services for years, we were unable to find an affordable integrated partner for our clients.

We also struggled with the changing technological demands, and the ever shifting sands of browser requirements. Adobe and Google, among others, often changed their policies or technologies in ways that created incompatibilities with our platform. Most recently, YouTube videos stopped displaying in our desktop app, and Adobe Reader's latest update rendered PDFs as blank screens.

But our gravest mistake was assuming that sales and distribution of products would be enough. Our clients needed more from us - they needed a way to bring their products to market, to advertise and build awareness that would lead to sales. We left the burden of marketing on them, and in the end everyone suffered for it.

A light in the darkness...

One of the things we did right from the get-go was to create an environment where creators remained in total control and had full access to all of their content and information.

All sales histories, including customer email addresses are easily accessible in the Sales History tab in the Revizzit Studio. Also, since we exclusively used Paypal for transactions, the sales history and contacts are equally represented in the creator's Paypal account.

Second, no content or media was stored on our servers. Everything from videos and audio files to PDFs and documents are stored on the creator's servers, and in most cases on their Amazon Web Services account.

Finally, the actual page content that was uploaded to our platform remains available in the event the original was not archived properly. In the Revizzit Studio, each page can be downloaded as a PDF from the Edit screen for every product.

Moving forward...

We understand that this is a great inconvenience to our wonderful clients, and for that we are truly sorry. The team at Revizzit were also creators on the platform, so we share this burden with you. We have provided a tutorial on how to gather any assets you may need, as well as suggesting ways to move forward without Revizzit.

Click here for Asset Retrieval Guide

We wish for your uninterrupted and continued success sharing your ideas with the world, and humbly ask for your patience and understanding during this trying time. 


Nick Night, CEO

Sho Higuchi, COO

Jonathan Domasig, CTO