After years of keeping an eye on the competitive landscape, comparing what Revizzit offered stacked against the myriad of other membership site software and online course platforms, I suddenly found myself hoping I could find a suitable replacement for what we had built.

The fact is, what we had at Revizzit was something that had not been equalled - there was no obvious choice for a successor, in part because anything served in a web browser has serious security holes that can be exploited. Without an app interface, your intellectual property simply cannot be locked down sufficiently.

Nonetheless, my search did turn up an exciting web-based alternative that I personally feel is a worthy alternative - one that I am now using for my own digital products.

The company is called InPlayer, and it is a U.K. based platform that allows you to implement a payment gateway and a customer authorization/deauthorization manager to your premium content.

I have worked closely with InPlayer for the past several months, helping their incredible technology team find solutions that would fit our clients - particularly the protection of media and HTML content. Among the benefits they feature are the ability to whitelist your existing customers to the new platform, the ability to make voucher codes and special bundles (called packages), and the ability to limit simultaneous logins for your customers so they cannot simply share their passwords with friends. They also offer more pricing models for your products than Revizzit did, including Pay Per View options, subscriptions, free trials and more.

Together, we also developed a special offer for Revizzit clients that is extremely generous - in fact, you will be saving money as the InPlayer service will not have any monthly fees at all.

The special offer for Revizzit clients switching to InPlayer is as follows:

  • No monthly fees
  • A revenue share of approx. 10%, inclusive of merchant fees (the share is slightly different depending on your use of Stripe or Paypal as a payment gateway)

To get this offer, simply sign up at InPlayer, then contact account manager Stephanie Clark and tell her Nick Night from Revizzit referred you. She will set up your account and guide you through the process.

Please Note:

For most content, InPlayer will work "straight out of the box". They even have a Wordpress plugin if you decide to go that route. That said, I found several instances where I needed to create a more custom experience for web apps and other technical content.

Many of you have already worked with me as a digital product strategist and technology consultant. If you would like to discuss how I can help you transition your products and customers to InPlayer, quickly, and without the learning curve, or help you find other solutions altogether, feel free to contact me at to discuss your needs and budget.

With sincerest wishes for your success,

Nick Night
CEO, Revizzit