As the Revizzit platform draws to a close, content creators are advised to take inventory of their assets and download any needed files relating to product pages uploaded to the platform, and any sales data you wish to preserve.

PLEASE NOTE: Revizzit does NOT, and never has, stored any content or media on our servers outside of actual PDF pages uploaded during product creation. All videos, audio, and other content or media is stored on the creators' own servers, such as Amazon Web Services, GoDaddy, BlueHost and others.

If you've forgotten where you are hosting your media, you can check the links in the PDF documents you used to create your finished product.

Following are some easy instructions on retrieving your assets from the Revizzit servers:

To download your product pages:

When you created your product on Revizzit, you uploaded a PDF document that contained your content and links to any media.

Although your document may have had many pages when you uploaded it, the Revizzit engine extracted all of the pages as separate files, which allowed you to insert or remove pages at any time. Thus, there is no way to download an entire document, only the individual pages.

Once downloaded, those pages may be reassembled into a single document using several online tools.

To download your pages to your computer, navigate to the product or module (not bundle) and choose Edit. Each page line has a Source column with a PDF link that when clicked, automatically downloads that page:


To rejoin your pages into a single document, we recommend this excellent tutorial:

To download your transaction
and customer history:

Revizzit allows you to download a CSV file containing information about each product you sold or distributed via the Revizzit platform, including your customer's email addresses and the products they purchased. This CSV file can be opened in any spreadsheet program, such as Excel or Numbers.

PLEASE NOTE: All sales using the Revizzit platform were transacted using Paypal exclusively. Thus, you also have an entire sales history available in your Paypal account. 

Here are the steps to download your transaction CSV:

  1. In the Studio, navigate to the Sales History tab.
  2. At the top of the page you will see a section titled "Export Sales Data"
  3. The dates are automatically set to the current date, so all you need to change is the "From Date:". Change the year to 2010 (this will obtain all data since we opened in 2011 to today)
  4. Click the Download Sales Data CSV button.

Moving Forward...

If you are looking for a replacement technology to protect your assets and give access to your existing customers, please refer to our page on migrating your products.