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Hi – this is Nick Night, CEO and Co-Founder of Revizzit, the platform for live-connected products. If you like what you’ve seen in the above video, go ahead and try out our 100% free, no obligation trial account.

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Revizzit includes everything you need to start and operate your business, from free video classes to live Q&A hangouts.

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Shep Hyken, Bestselling Business Author; President, Nat'l Speakers Assoc.

Revizzit was an instrumental part of my recent book launch, allowing me to distribute advance, digital copies during the pre-sales period. I look forward to using it as an integral part of my ongoing sales and marketing strategies.

Neil Strauss, Bestselling Author; Founder, The Society International

I like being able to deliver content to members in bite size, manageable chunks - basically every week it's kind of fun for them, they just check in and that exclusive information is already there, in their Revizzit app.


  • Collect Leads From Every Customer!

    When you make a sale on Revizzit, whether it’s from our cool, socially integrated online store, or from your own website, you will have complete transaction information – including the customer’s email address – right inside your sales history page. Plus, because we are integrated with Paypal, you can easily integrate with your CRM or autoresponder!

  • Live-Connected Product Means More Sales!

    This is a really big deal.
    A live-connected product means that you can make a change to your product (add a page, a chapter, fix a typo, add some video, delete outdated content – whatever!) and INSTANTLY update every copy in existence! Feel free to use this to announce your upcoming events, sell your next product, or just keep adding massive value for your customers!

  • Publish to Mac, PC and iPad!

    Revizzit apps are available for Mac and PC computers, iPads, and coming soon to Android tablets.

    Your customers can have up to six authorized devices, so they’ll be able to engage with your brilliant thoughts everywhere they go – online or offline!

    And our cloud-based distribution means they can never lose access to their products – even if their computer or hard drive fails.

  • Set Your Price And Keep 90%

    You worked hard on that book. You deserve a lot better than 35%-70% of the sale! How’s 90% sound? And Revizzit won’t burn you with incalculable, hidden delivery fees. In fact, there are no delivery fees!

    Oh, did we mention that the money goes directly from your customer to your Paypal account, instantly?


Who needs anonymous customers, complicated publishing and someone telling you how much you can sell your product for?

It's time to take control of your digital business, increase your profits and create infinitely better products!

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